billy jenkins with the blues

Is this the site of the CD - or is it the CD of the site!?


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Sadness Sadness Sadness
Sad times is my life
Been together so many years
Sad times became my wife
Since the first night of our honeymoon
Weve been alone together in the gloom
Sadness Sadness Sadness
Sad times is my life. 
You hear what I say 
Im on

1999 Billy Jenkins



The musician is losing ground in this DIY technological age. You're looking at the screen now and maybe half listening to music. And a lot of that music is 'found sound', cut and paste and machine originated.

The real musician has quietly been shown the door. You might enjoy them safely within the cages of a concert hall, regurgitating the only repertoire deemed safe - that which contains revivalism, nostalgia and familiarity. 

'Art' music, that deemed non commercial and worthy of government support by way of the Arts Council, not only has the above ingredients, but must also be 'culturally inclusive', 'educational' and above all - controllable. 

Not only does the creative musician have to compromise their artistic vision to suit 'funding criteria', they also, to satisfy educational addendum, have to reveal (and thus weaken) the mystery and magic of their art.

No wonder Billy plays and sings the blues.

This site is the logical response to this fascinating predicament and was the inspiration of arts inventor, creator of The Shed, photographer, maverick and a man who creates wonderous things out of dichotomy - Simon Thackray

The CD - one of over forty album releases by Billy, was recorded and released in 2000 and still sounds like new. 

Although this site is now pretty much locked, it offers an excellent overview to Billy's blues music.

The Blues Collective page now has a comprehensive biography and information about all the band's recordings, updated to the end of 2006.


You can contact the Billy Jenkins Office via